Favorite Things

Shakuff for Melissa

I love unique lighting, especially one of a kind pieces like the one shown by Shakuff. This exotic glass company employs artisans to make exquisite items, certain to be the highlight of any room. The staggered effect employed in this design beckons the eye to study the arrangement. The way the bottom of the pendants [...]

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Shakuff for melissa 2

Here is another stunning product by Shakuff, an exotic glass sink, crafted by one of their artisans. This ‘one of kind’ creation has a worn-in vintage feel. This product could easily be in a classic Italian villa or a contemporary sleek bathroom, as the look lends itself to a broad application. What a beautiful design!

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I absolutely love doors. When I am down in Taos, New Mexico, there is one retailer along the main road that has a large selection of exquisite Spanish Colonial carved doors and I always stop to browse…and imagine a house built around them. I think doors tell a story and well crafted ones invite you [...]

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